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Save Sharks. Stop Shark Finning. the solution to saving a keystone species


Why should you care?


  Already 90% of the world's shark populations have been annihilated. Once caught on long lines they are brought onboard, their fins are cut off and the sharks are thrown back into the water still alive where they suffer an agonizing death by suffocation.    Shark finning is a multi-billion dollar industry. It corrupts governments worldwide and is only second to the illegal drug and gun trade. Already 90% of the world’s shark population has been slaughtered for their fins and sport.

Sharks are a keystone species, meaning that the world cannot survive without them. Sharks have been on this planet for 450 million years. Without sharks policing the oceans, the world’s largest ecosystem will collapse. Sharks eat many species of marine life to a proportionate number so that those prey species don’t cause harm to the ecosystem by becoming too populous.  

How does it work?