eco sharks rescue

Save Sharks. Stop Shark Finning. the solution to saving a keystone species

How does it all work?

Meet the Eco Sharks


Our toys are presently in the prototype phase of production, with 12 characters in all. Nine are featured in the gallery below and two are in development.

  The sole purpose of Eco Sharks Rescue™ is to educate the world on why we need sharks. Sharks have been portrayed as a villain in movies, like Jaws & Sharknado, and they have been sensationalized in the media. It is astonishing that soda machines have caused more deaths annually than sharks.

Centuries ago an Emperor in China served his guests a bowl of shark fin soup. Since then, if shark fin soup is not served to visiting guests, it is considered an insult. So how can we break this ignorant custom and save the remaining sharks from certain annihilation?

The Eco Shark Rescue™ characters introduced in the cartoon and line of toys have mission to have kids in America playing with the Eco Sharks Rescue™ toys, reading the Eco Shark Rescue™ comic books and watching the Eco Sharks Rescue™ animated cartoons on TV and in the movies, culminating in an Eco Sharks Rescue™ Water Park with a walk-thru educational theater. The gift shop will carry everything imaginable with all the Eco Shark Rescue™ characters blazoned on them.

As a result the kids in China will emulate the kids in America and will pressure their parents into not buying Shark Fin Soup. Bam! By eliminating the demand, this will cut the link. It would be like mommy making a pot of Bambi or Mickey Mouse soup, the kids would be appalled. It is this mindset that will save our seas and our planet from mass extinction.