eco sharks rescue

Saving the planet, already!

Saving the planet, already!

Saving the planet, already!Saving the planet, already!

Eco Sharks Rescue is non-profit 501(c)(3) 

Eco Sharks Rescue


We again have been lied to...


When it comes to attacks, sharks are at the bottom

We cannot turn back the hands of time and undo the the slander brought onto the shark species from movies like Jaws and Sharknado. The fact is, sharks hate how we taste. We are NOT on their menu.

Sharks have been in planet earth for 450 million years

Each species of shark that God put on this planet has a job and serves a role in maintaining our oceans.

Sharks are a 'KEYSTONE' species

This means that if they are removed from the ecosystem in which they a 'KEY' to, that ecosystem will collapse. Hence the word 'KEYSTONE'! 

Only 10% remain alive

Humanity is on a boat on a fast moving river heading directly into a deadly waterfall and no one is telling the passengers, the captain is drunk on money and the crew is asleep.

How did this happen? You may ask

Centuries ago, someone thought that putting a shark's tasteless shark fin in a soup broth and sold the idea of power and longevity. So it that tradition that has grown into a multi-billion dollar industry second only to drugs and guns. 

How do we turn the ship around?

This is exactly what we have to do! Turn our ship around. Not slow down. Not look at the map. All that is too late! We MUST change how we treat our largest oxygen producing ecosystem because time has run out.

The Eco Sharks Rescue's story is so powerful that it wakes up the dormant ecologist/environmentalist in all of us. Our vision is a Marvel comic style feature film that will re-set how we treat life, ourselves and our neighbors. We need to prove that we are in fact a civilization and not a herd of sheep heading to the slaughterhouse arguing over nonsense.

Buy the e-book, it's only $3.33 and our non-profit only receives 35% of that do to the same corporate greed that has put us in this life or death situation. 

Did you know?

• 73,000,000 Sharks are butchered every year

Everyday 200,000 Sharks are slaughtered to make shark fin soup for China. As a matter of fact, it is considered an insult if a guest is not served the soup due a tradition that is centuries old.

• Only 10% of the shark population remains

Already 90% of the world's shark populations have been annihilated. Once caught on long lines they are brought on board, their fins are cut off and the sharks are thrown back into the water still alive where they suffer an agonizing death by suffocation.   

• Sharks have been on this planet for over 400,000 years

Sharks are a keystone species that were put here for a reason. They thin out populations of other fish that if unchecked could devastate the oceans.

• Only 9 humans are killed by sharks each year.

We are not on the sharks diet. As a matter of fact sharks, sharks hate how we taste so they quickly spit us out. That's why it's called a shark bite. Most deaths occur when people bleed out. Deer kill 150 annually just in the USA!

• Only illegal drugs & guns are more lucrative than shark fins

Stop Shark Finning and Save Sharks. Governments are already paid off. The Malaysian mafia has corrupted countries like Panama, Costa Rica and Ecuador, just to name a few. It is a multi-billion dollar industry. 


Eco Sharks Rescue is the only viable solution and that is to eliminate the demand. We urge you to spend 10 minutes of your valuable time to investigate our approach... and 2-hours reading 'their story'

Why should you care?

shark finning, shrark fins drying

Sharks are a keystone species; meaning we need them to survive...

How does it work?

wow does eco sharks rescue work

By educating the next generation on why we need sharks to survive, is the only answer...

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